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I started writing “It’s All In Your Mind” quite early on in my undergraduate degree. It’s really the product of that moment when the light bulb went on in my brain, and I started pulling together the links between HOW sorting my own issues out had such a huge impact on my life and results, and the psychology behind WHY. It’s not something I’ve ever pushed commercially – I wrote it as a give-back, something accessible to anyone who couldn’t afford big money for a coach, therapist or psychologist. I’ve given it to people I thought needed it, I’ve shared it on social media, I’ve been contacted by people around the world that I’ve never met who have read it and liked it, and wanted to let me know that. I’ve been asked to speak about it in all sorts of different places, from a stage in the US to a chapel in a prison. And because I’ve had such lovely feedback on it, from the prison to boardrooms, that I’ve left in in circulation, even though my work has moved on.

Frankly, it doesn’t deviate too far from what I do now, it’s just a much simplified version. I don’t feel it’s out of alignment with my research, and while the positive feedback keeps coming, it will stay available to those who find it helpful. Don’t think it’s a psychology textbook – it’s not. Someone described it “as if you’re sitting in the room with me and you’re explaining why how I think about myself isn’t helpful” and I like that. It’s meant to be a conversation, just on a page. And more than anything, it’s meant to help you understand how the negative things might have got programmed into your head, why you don’t have to feel you’re stuck with them, and most importantly, how you might go about changing them.

“It’s All In Your Mind” is available on Amazon, worldwide.