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Identity Leadership

All of my identity leadership work is now carried out through Corporate Cognitive.

We specialise in organisational development, leadership training, team building – all built around identity. If you want to get the best results for yourself, your people and your company, you need to understand their identities, how to align them, and how to motivate and inspire those around you.

I have heard many people tell me that they are not a leader, and that leaders are born and not made. I have never found this to be true. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and we can show you to be a leader that’s true to yourself.

I’ve also seen many people who think that being a leader is all about them. When you can’t be a leader without followers, this seems rather illogical. Who are you as a leader? Who is following you, and why? How do they feel about it? What are you, and they, getting out of it? Could it be better for you, them, and whatever the mission is that you’re delivering?

If you work with us, we plan that you’ll be able to answer all these questions for yourself.