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Leadership and Identity – Solving the People Problem (TEDx Telford, 29/08/2018)

Why identity leadership can reach the parts that other methods cannot reach – and how Alexander the Great might have benefited from it.

It’s All In Your Mind

This 60 minute, interactive Powerpoint presentation presents the complex subject of identity, beliefs, and emotional responses in a way that’s engaging, understandable and enjoyable for a wide variety of audiences.

The presentation is followed by a 60 minute Q and A session, so participants get to ask their own personal questions, which usually leads to a lively and interesting discussion. This is the ideal presentation for the audience who wants to understand why what they believe about themselves, others and the world may not be either accurate or helpful – why their responses to situations may be negative – and how they can improve both.

Leadership is Not Gendered

20 minute keynote speech based on my own experiences in management and consulting – and on why I never hit the glass ceiling.

Contrary to popular opinion, leadership is not gendered. Gender role stereotyping, however, is still alive and kicking.