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“Who you are affects everything you do. But who are you? How did you become You? And what happens if you’re not comfortable with who you are?”

Identity. At first glance, it’s such a simple thing. But, of course, it isn’t.

What does it contain, and how does it form? Is it individual, relational or collective? Do we have one identity, or many? Is it fixed in adulthood, or can it change? These are just a few of the questions that psychology has been looking at for decades.

You don’t always grow up to be who you want or were meant to be. Life events, crises and traumas can place you into identity positions you’re not comfortable with. Family, society or cultural norms can force you into identities that are uncomfortable for you. Bad choices or lack of opportunity can leave you stuck in identities that don’t fit.

I believe identity is the key to everything. Resolve your identities issues and you can radically alter your world.

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