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Welcome to my website, where I like to talk about a lot of things relating to identity.

I’ve been fascinated by identity for many years, ever since I realised that the biggest issues in my own life had been caused by identity, and the biggest positive changes had always come about right after I changed how I saw myself. Of course, there’s already a lot of research on identity. What does it contain, and how does it form? Is it individual, relational or collective? Do we have one identity, or many? Is it fixed by the time we reach adulthood, or can it be altered? These are just a few of the questions that psychology has been looking at for decades. The answer, in my opinion, is it’s all of these things – they’re just answers to different questions. And fascinating as the theory is, I am more interested in the practical application.

You don’t always grow up to be who you want or were meant to be. Life events, crises and traumas can place you into identity positions that cause you distress. Family, society or cultural norms can force you into subject positions that are uncomfortable for you. Bad choices or lack of opportunity can leave you stuck in identities that don’t fit, and lacking opportunity for change. And sometimes the society you live in doesn’t have positive discourses available to describe the way that you see the person you are. All of these things are challenges, and they can hold you back from achieving the things you want from life.

So I didn’t want to just sit and philosophise over the nature of identity. I wanted to understand how it affected the human lived experienced, how it contributed to results and emotions, and how can we build and reshape identity purposefully to improve our lives. I hope, over the course of years, that my work will go a little way towards helping with that.