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Self-concept. What is it? And why is it so important?

Self-concept is the way that you see yourself – your theories of who and what you are. It’s grounded in your life experience.

It’s important because it’s your own personal database and reference library. Everything you do, what you experience, how you build relationships, how you feel about yourself and your place in the world, will be based on what ideas about yourself you’re carrying around.

My work focuses on self-concept because I have found it to be the biggest barrier to success that most people face. Whether that’s around career, business, relationships, abilities – or the simple requirement of being able to feel self-love and self-respect – the way that you see yourself influences both how you feel and the results that you get.

There are two main problems to overcome. The first is that these patterns may have formed over many years, from early childhood on; and actions that are repeated enough times become a habit. This includes emotional responses and ways of thinking. The second problem is that we may not be aware of where the negative pattern came from, or even that we have it; it may be something traumatic that we’ve suppressed, or something that seemed so trivial we don’t consciously remember it. That doesn’t mean that it’s not affecting you right now. If you’re constantly experiencing challenges in an area of your life, or if you feel trapped in a certain identity that you’re not happy with, this could be the cause.

If this describes how you’re feeling, and you’ve not been able to get out of that mindset, self-concept work may be able to help.

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